• Anti-Establishment
    We grew up on 80’s surf punkSubmitted by Martin Schonken
  • Yet Another Sample
    Andre sampling Test Batch 4Submitted by Graeme Bird
  • Cheers Mate
    Andre and Graeme sampling Test Batch 3Submitted by Kerstin Bird
  • Tap That!
    Poison City’s tap handles being craftedSubmitted by Xavier Clarisse
  • Kiff Waves
    The waves were firing at New PierSubmitted by Mike Van Heerden
  • The Brew Kettle
    Poison City’s experimental phase Submitted by Graeme Bird
  • The Ganga Tree
    Durban Poison, get it while it’s freshSubmitted by Elmin Engelbrecht
  • The Cyclone
    Enjoying cyclone power at New Pier Submitted by Mark Gardener
  • Poison City In The Front Lines Of The #FEESMUSTFALL Protests
    PCB merchandise getting into the mix while covering the #FeesMustFall protests. Submitted by Dane Foreman
  • The First
    Graeme showing off Poison City Brewing’s first fermenterSubmitted by Andre Schubert
  • Poison City Blues
    Poison City shows off its moody beautiful side Submitted by Robynne Hansmann
  • Fuck the Rules
    We’ve never been known for following the rules Submitted by Paul Benniwith
  • Reflecting on some Poison City Street Art
    Reflecting on some Poison City Street Art
    Submitted by Dane Forman
  • Sumatra surf jam session
    Submitted by Graeme
  • a virgin board in the spray booth | Poison City
    A virgin board in the spray booth
    Submitted by Dane Foreman
  • Cameron Finnie flips the bird
    Submitted by Dane Foreman