Durban is a finger in the face of conformity. And Poison City Brewing makes its craft beer.

Poison City Brewing is Durban born and bred. Its creators Graeme and Andre live, surf and dream Durban.

And together they’ve made an exceptional craft beer – beer made for people who give a damn about what they drink, beer that never compromises on taste or quality, beer that lives where edge meets class, and beer that plays tribute to the soul of Durban.

Not the clichéd Sunshine City/Zulu Kingdom PR bullshit, but the real Durban – the Durban that makes its own rules, expresses its own unique personality, and never ever prostitutes itself to conformity.

A passion for great beer.

The realisation of Graeme and Andre’s craft beer dream follows the duo’s passion for great beer and their determination to establish a business that lets them showcase the city they live in and love.

In their early, wilder years they both travelled extensively and were fortunate to experience some of the greatest beers in the world in cities that have led the craft beer revolution, including; Brussels, Edinburgh, Munich, Lisbon, Sydney, Auckland and San Francisco. Both later settled in Durban with Andre establishing himself as a leading restaurateur and Graeme achieving success in the corporate world.

Graeme and Andre’s Journey

“Not only do they want to make great craft beer, but also dream of establishing something that embodies freedom…a range of craft beers that achieve world-class standards…”

Always something of a misfit, Graeme had been looking for an opportunity for self-expression outside the confines of his job and the planets aligned when Andre was able to free himself from the day-to-day responsibility of his restaurants. And so began their journey, one that they are determined will result in a positive contribution to society.

Not only do they want to make great craft beer, but also dream of establishing something that embodies freedom of expression and progressive thinking in their city. Their dream is to use Poison City Brewing as a catalyst for their support and promotion of Durban’s creative people, to show the world what an amazing place Durban is, and how lucky we are to live here.

They brewed their first lager in May 2014 using a rudimentary 50 litre brewing system at a mate’s house on the South Coast. When this batch was a major hit at a birthday bash they knew they were on the right track, and so began the journey towards making truly special beer.

The beer tasting trip to California they undertook shortly afterwards proved to be a life changing experience. They were exposed to the cutting edge of the craft beer movement and for the first time they fully realised what a fantastic environment the craft beer business was, and how incredible the taste and quality of beer could really be.Collaboration with one of Durban’s top craft brewers followed on their return. And many test batches later, along with some helpful guidance from a Czech Master Brewer, their first beer was born, The Bird lager.

Their goal is to develop a range of craft beers that achieve world-class standards, and to do this they will work with craft beer brew masters from around the world to develop and hone their own brewing knowledge, skills and capability.