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Pull in at our blog – it’s where we keep our finger on the pulse of our city, our industry and other rad stuff.

From glimpses into the heart of Poison City to tales of intrepid people defying conformity, Poison City Chronicle always promises a unique perspective on life.

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City Press – A winter warmer straight outta Durbs

Whaaat? Has Durban curry, that ever-changing, developing dish, beloved across the nation, finally gone too far? Chill, this is not a curry you can smoke or one […]

PRØHBTD – South Africa’s New Cannabis-Based Brewers

The year 2018 was monumental for cannabis legalization. Canada legalized recreational use on a national level. California opened the world’s largest legal market. Michigan became the […]

Holy Water

By Samora Chapman   I have this old plank that I’ve become very fond of. It’s a 9ft longboard, rough around the edges, heavy, ugly as […]

Enterprise Africa – Poison City flying high

Enterprise Africa finds us very enterprising.

A Poison City State of Mind

As we roll into 2019, our final Vega Collab Session is a collaborative one. This post is the love child of a collective Durban State of […]

Independent Media Online – Cannabis products are flying high

Cannabis-flavoured products have been soaring in popularity ever since the Constitutional Court ruled that dagga is now legal for private use in September last year. From cannabis […]

Inside Edition – South African beer company brews with hemp instead of hops

A new kind of beer is brewing in South Africa that will include cannabis after lawmakers there recently decriminalised it. Poison City Brewing makes five different types of […]

Business Day – Distell to distribute Cannabis Lager for Poison City Brewing

JSE-listed beverages group Distell has agreed to distribute and market a cannabis-infused beer backed by RCL Foods CEO Miles Dally and Spar CEO Graham O’Connor. Distell, the […]

Glimpses of Poison City

In this week’s Vega Collab Session, cool Vega creative, Jean Claude, take us on a photographic tour of his hometown. Nostalgic, gritty and unexpected – this is the real Poison City

The Rep – Meet the man behind SA’s first cannabis beer called Durban Poison

Poison City Brewing, a Durban-based beer company, has created its own cannabis beer called Durban Poison Cannabis Lager. Durban Poison Cannabis Lager, named after a popular […]

Yolisha Umswenko

In this week’s Vega Collab Session, Yolisha Motha gives us a taste of how she lives her poison. From Umswenko to Aboghata, yolisha, and Durbs, keeps it real.

It’s a new day to find your poison

Today’s post by rising creative star, Sibonile Shange, takes you on a train ride that gives you a refreshing perspective on the city.

The Vega Collab

Do Durbanites really live their poison? Is Durban the ugly sister? Does it give a fu*k that it is?

Punking Out In Poison City

by Craig Jarvis. Remembering when it was surf all day, rage all night. School finally came to a finish, and we headed out into the wide […]

Who knew you could get an award for showing people the finger?

Our kiff Poison City Brewing bottle label designs won big at the inaugural Beer Label Design Awards in the Mother City. The inaugural Beer Label Design […]

Poison City Looking In

by Craig Jarvis. Chris Frolich @ Snake Park Pier Growing up as a surfer in Cape Town, Durban was always such an anomaly, a glitch in […]

Buy buy buy buy good bye

Give me more things A jolly x-mas shopping guide by Samora Chapman We’re surrounded by things – big things, little things, shiny things, fluffy things. Do […]

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