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Clarke after dark

Ever wanted to know where to party like a local in Poison City? In this week’s Vega Collab Session, three cool, young Durbanites hit the grungy, edgy sidewalks of the legendary Clarke Street. Eclectic, diverse and wonderfully dark, Clarke Street is Poison City at its most authentic. So grab a Poison City Brewing brew and join them on their jol.


You only venture to Clarke in the dark

Durban’s Nirvana, Kurt Cobain would definitely approve of the grunge, edgy scene with dirt cheap drinks and an eclectic mixture of Durban’s people from all walks of life. Find yourself a dark corner and prepare to meet some friendly and downright strange people.


Nobody ventures to the bottom of clarke road while the sun is still up if they can help it, this is strictly only an acceptable place to be seen once darkness engulfs us, a.k.a night time. If you’re hanging here in broad daylight, you’ve either completely overamped the jol or you’ve gone to pick up your ID, phone, or dignity from Origin, nobody would be surprised if you were fetching all three though.


Stumble out mumbling about some political debate you had after promising yourself you wouldn’t get into politics tonight. Your drunken goggles are firmly on and are doing what they do, blurring the world and sometimes adding 3 faces to one person. This should make for a good time looking at the graffiti on display all the way down the wall.


It wouldn’t be a night out at the Winston without a grease fest upon leaving the jol, those slap chips on offer from the trailer outside must make more money than Waltons in January. Nothing quite like the humble potato chopped up and placed in 7 year old oil (because let’s be honest, do we really know), handed to us in exchange for the last scraps of change we can dig out of every pocket we can find. The crumpled up note buys you some post jol happiness, like a hug on the pavement when you need it the most. Hell, they could even sober you up enough to engage in conversation with a prawn that’s just walked out of origin. Neither of you will be making any sense but that’s besides the point, it’s a mutual love for the Durban party scene even though you’re into totally different worlds. You’re out there with the birds chirping for the start of a new day, chatting shit to whoever will reciprocate and man in that moment life really isn’t all that bad.


Clarke road is home to two defining places in Durban, they clash in style but that’s what makes Clarke Road full of diversity. It pumps on the weekends, and your head pumps the next day but you’ll be back again because these are the good old days in the making, the times of your life, right here in your city.


– Jordan Davidson, Jade Story & Ally Chapman


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