Live your poison

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Poison City’s quest to live life on its own terms is encapsulated by Durban Poison Cannabis Lager.

A beer that lives originality by being South Africa’s very first ‘Cannabis’ beer.

A beer that lives flavour by replacing some of the hops with hemp from the Cannabis Sativa family, to ensure an enhanced flavor.

And a beer that lives up to the spirit of the people who drink it.

The ones who aren’t afraid to do things their way, the ones who follow their passion regardless of the obstacles on the road, the ones who sweat blood for their dreams…

…the ones who live their poison.

durban poison cannibis beer
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A light bodied, easy drinking, crisp and refreshing American lager with a slightly spicy, yet clean and balanced flavour.

To make a better beer we replaced some of the hops with hemp from the Cannabis Sativa family to ensure an enhanced flavour, a smoother mouthfeel and a better, crisper, more refreshing lager.

Living taste and flavour, South Africa’s first Cannabis beer raises its glass to those who have the courage to live their passion, live their craft, their dreams and their true calling.

This easy drinking, smooth and refreshing lager has an alcohol content of 4.0%. And drinkers can look forward to low bitterness and an enjoyable crisp taste that creates a slightly sweet and zippy finish.

Along with flavour, this unconventional beer also packs some great good-for-you benefits thanks to its low calorie count and health infused hemp.

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