The Bird

A light-malt, thirst quenching, session lager with fruity, earthy notes and a light bitter finish.

Like Durban, The Bird is easy as sun, surf and seagulls, with a twist of screw you. This light, refined lager is named after one of its makers, and after the way it gives commercial lager the finger when it comes to colour, flavour and taste.

Playing tribute to the light lagers popular in German craft breweries, The Bird Lager uses a classic cold fermenting lager yeast during fermentation. The beer is then left to clear and mature (lager) at around one to five degrees Celsius for up to six weeks.

The Punk Rocker

A full-mouthed, light bodied English pale ale with a clear, rich dark copper colour.

Poison City Brewing’s second craft beer, The Punk Rocker is an English Pale Ale that plays tribute to the nonconformist spirit of punk rock. Anti-establishment, yeah, we Durbanites totally get that. And while we beat the poms to BREXIT and kicked them out of our province a long time ago, we’ll keep the inspiration for their ale, and their punk music legacy, and make it Durban born and bred.

The Punk Rocker is malt driven, with an enjoyable, medium-dry finish, and its lower-alcohol content makes it a great session ale. Although hop bitterness is low (30 IBU), the dark malt additions pleasantly accentuate the overall bitterness.

The Other Bird

A full-mouthed yet easy drinking Czech dark lager brewed by award winning Prague master brewer, Ladislav Vesely.

The Other Bird, our premium Czech dark lager, isn’t all sea and sunshine. It quite happily flips the bird at those who don’t appreciate honesty, authenticity, quality and a path less travelled.

This kiff dark malt driven beer has an alcohol content of 5.1%, a moderate IBU and an enjoyable medium dry finish. Drinkers can expect a delicious dark chocolate aftertaste that lingers beautifully until the very last sip.

The Poison Cannabis IPA

An excellent example of an American IPA, which is known for its balanced but high bitterness and powerful aroma and flavours.

Chilled, laid back and distinctly unconventional, Durban Poison Cannabis IPA proudly lives up to the city and the culture it’s named after. In fact, there’s nothing mellower than you, this flavourful, savvy IPA and a Durban state of mind.

The hemp or Cannabis Sativa flavour, aroma and oils found in this unconventional craft beer are similar to that found in hops as both come from the same family, Cannabicea. The hemp ensures an enhanced flavour, a smoother mouthfeel and adds a great ‘you know why’ health benefit.

Durban Poison Cannabis Lager

A light bodied, easy drinking, crisp and refreshing American lager with a slightly spicy, yet clean and balanced flavour.

While this stash of Durban Poison won’t get you high (it contains no THC), it will however make you happy with its unique crisp flavour and easy-drinking vibes. We’ve simply replaced some of the hops with hemp, a related plant that adds a similar flavour, but also has that feel good factor Durban is famous for.

This easy drinking, smooth and refreshing lager has an alcohol content of 4.0%. And drinkers can look forward to low bitterness and an enjoyable crisp taste that creates a slightly sweet and zippy finish.