Punking Out In Poison City
March 20, 2018
It’s a new day to find your poison
July 25, 2018
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The Vega Collab

Young Durbanites give us their insight into Poison City

Do Durbanites really live their poison?

Is Durban the ugly sister?

Does it give a fu*k that it is?

Who better to ask than the future gurus of advertising and marketing, the cool, in-the-know kids of Vega School Durban.

In true Poison City Brewing spirit, a collabaration was created between Vega School in Durban and ourselves, guided by our agency, unagency (of course we’d have an unconventional agency).

As one of the leading schools in tertiary education in the field of advertising and marketing, we were very keen to get the student’s insights into life in Durban and how Durbanites live the Poison City Brewing brand ethos every single day.

The project was embraced with much enthusiasm by the future Loerie winners at Vega and some really rich material about Durban and her people was created. And we can’t wait to share this amazing student work with you, right here on our blog.

We’re calling them The Vega Collab Sessions, and check out our blog next week for Session 1: It’s a new day by Sibonile Shange.

These inspiring session are best enjoyed with an ice cold Bird on the side.

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